Often in lives we are intrigued by the things that fascinate us maybe the luxury, the fame of a celebrity or something else. We are, so much ,pleased by those pleasures that we would love to have or achieve them but seldom do we get it owing to lack of hard work , commitment and laziness coupled with the usual statement – “mein nhi kaar paonga, mera naseeb kharab hai”.

  So, in this blog I try to pen down the story of a fighter who did not lack commitment despite being put down innumerous times as for her achieving the target was the only necessity. This is about a piece of silverware called the medal not an ordinary one but the highly coveted Olympic medal .Olympic games, being held every fourth year ,are one of the most anticipated events with intense competition between participants all over the world eyeing the glamorous medals, which would turn their fortunes thereby making them an overnight sensation. There are numerous stories behind each medal being rewarded one amongst them is of “Mell Robert Michen” who had to wait for a prolonged period of 16 years to see her dream of getting a medal at the Olympic games come true.

Logo of the Olympic Games

Mell Robert Michon

Mell Robert Michon is a French Discuss Thrower. A sports quite uncommon these days with the slightest of glimpse at the Olympics. Discuss throw, is basically a track and field event in which an athlete throws a heavy disc (called as discuss) in an attempt to mark a farther distance than their competitors. A few of her achievements include a Silver medal at the 2013 World Championship followed by a Silver Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and a Bronze at the 2017 World Championship.  

Mell started her career at a young age like most of the other athletes do. She had a few laurels to her disposal which she had yearned at the Youth Championships. But getting a podium finish at Olympics or a World Championship was a far cry for her. She started her Olympic career at the 2000 Olympic Games where she had a terrible result(29th Rank) ; followed by an equally poor performance at the 2004 Olympic Games(31st Rank).Beijing once again shattered her dream where she got a 8th Rank. London Olympics 2012 brought in a ray of hope which was once again shortlived with a 5th Rank ,only 2 positions away from the podium. Anybody at this juncture would have lost hope and had given up but there is something that separates Champions from others . Mell was reluctant to give up.

2013 World Championship, Moscow

Mell had also failed at the World Championship wherein she couldn’t get past the Eight position in her previous 4 tournaments. But Moscow had different plans for her. She not only clinched the Silver Medal but also broke her own record of 63.75metre with a distance of 66.28metres. This made her the First French Athlete to win a Medal at the World Championship in a Discuss Throw Event. These were here words after winning the championship “Je travaillais dur depuis longtemps pour cela. Depuis le début de la saison, j’ai dit que je voulais monter sur le podium. Beaucoup de gens en ont ri et n’y croyaient pas tout à fait. J’attends cela depuis si longtemps”; which translates as “I had been working hard a long time for this. Since the start of the season, I said that I wanted to climb onto the podium. Many people laughed at it and did not quite believe it. I have been waiting so long for this.”

Mell celebrating after winning at the World Championship , Moscow

Rio Olympics

Another opportunity arrives in the wake of the 5th Olympic appearance. Almost uncertain about the result Mell steps into the arena with fears trembling in, the sight of the previous four losses rushing quickly past her memory, another loss would probably shatter her dreams. But this time she turned all odds in her favour and with her resilient effort she clinched the Silver medal losing to her long time nemesis Sandra Perkovich. It was patience and a never say die attitude that propelled her to realize her dream after 16 years at the age of 37 despite being put down enormous times.

Mell Robert Michon captured post her Rio Olympic triumph

Mell’s story depicts that age is just a number if one has an unflinched desire towards achieving something irrespective of the number of failures and is patient enough success is destined .

Dreams is not what you see in sleep , is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep-Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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